How to Become a Travel Agent?

by Shenron on July 12, 2009

To become a travel agent one should have the minimum required qualification and that is high school diploma. One can be employed into a travel agency with only a high school diploma but other additional qualifications could come in handy.

Learn a second language; the studying of a second language will come into handy when dealing with tourist. Most travel agents can speak 3 to 4 languages, this helps in the proper understanding of your customers, and this means one will not need to travel around with an interpreter wherever he goes.

Travel Agent How to Become a Travel Agent?

Becoming a travel agent starts by working in a travel agency but some agencies will require an applicant who has a university degree in communication, history, public relations and business. Not all agencies will ask for all this but having them in your résumé will be an added advantage. Travel experience is helpful but not really a requirement. Most travel agents work with computers with complex systems, so computer skills is certainly required when it comes to being a travel agent.

Working at a travel agency that is already established will help you to gain the much needed experience in becoming a travel agent. Most will try and open their own agency nut this is not advisable since one does not have the much needed experience in running an agency. One can also join a host agency that will allow him/her into running his own agency from home as a travel contractor or agent.

Travel Agent 5 How to Become a Travel Agent?

Reading related material will also help in one becoming a travel agent, material such as magazines, blogs and many others will help one in staying up to date in the business. Getting a travel agent who is experienced to show you the way of the business would be a great boost in helping you become a travel agent, it is better since it will help one to learn first hand from someone in the business and who has gone and experienced different situations.

Registration in your state is very important. It helps the government keep up with how many agents are there and how many are pretending to be agents. In some states this is a requirement but in some one does not really have to register.

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