How to Become a Virtual Assistant

by Shenron on January 1, 2010

The term “virtual assistant” probably isn’t one you hear everyday. The reason it’s so unheard of is because the virtual assistant business is just taking off and if the way it’s currently expanding is any indication of future growth, it will be huge. Now is the time to take advantage of this great freelance opportunity so it doesn’t get too difficult to break into. First of all, what is a virtual assistant? Well if the name didn’t give it away, it is someone that works from home as someone else’s assistant. They work over the internet or over the phone and complete tasks that business owners don’t have the time to do. Just like a real assistant, virtual assistants could be asked to do a number of things for a client. The only difference is, instead of working for a client all of the time and being at their beckon call twenty four hours a day, you get to pick your own hours and work from home. Sounds like a great job, right? Did we mention it usually pays about $20 an hour?

Virtual Assistant How to Become a Virtual Assistant

You more than likely already have the skills you need to become a virtual assistant. If you’ve ever worked in an office or held any type of steady job, you’re more than qualified. But, how do you get started? There’s no real licensing or certification that you need to obtain. You’re already qualified enough, remember? That means no training courses and no seminars or months of work before you can actually start earning an income.

The first thing you will want to achieve is getting your business set up. You’ll more than likely want a website that you can operate behind. Your site should include all of your contact information and rates. In addition to the website you will want to register yourself as a small business owner with the county or state you live in so that they know you’re making some type of income. All of these things should cost no more than a few dollars to set up. On top of all of that, and perhaps the most important tool in your belt is your business phone. We recommend getting Skype and a virtual phone numbers so clients can call you at any time of the day for work. ‘

Virtual Assistant 5 How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Once you have yourself set up with the tools, it’s time to advertise. The most common way to get your name out there is to just call local businesses and ask them if they’d be interested in a virtual assistant to help them with data entry or promotions. Whatever they need, you’ll do it. Or if cold calling is your thing you can put an ad in the local paper. All of these things get you started in your local area. But, if you print business cards with your name and website on them and pass them out as you travel, you’re bound to pick up even more business. The sky is really the limit with virtual assistance and it can be anything you want to make it.

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