How To Become a Yoga Instructor

by Shenron on November 22, 2009

Becoming a Yoga Instructor is a very difficult thing to try and accomplish and expect to make a full blown living from. Many yoga instructors have dreams of leaving their day jobs behind to teach yoga full time, but a lot of the time this is just impossible. As you can imagine, teaching yoga doesn’t pay very much. What I mean to say is that compared to a regular job, teaching yoga doesn’t pay as much as a normal wage. But in addition to a regular 9-5 wage, it can bring in a decent sum of extra cash. Unlike other professions where you have to go to school, getting recognized and certified as a yoga instructor takes hundreds of hours of practice and supervision.

Yoga Instructor How To Become a Yoga Instructor

1. The nationally accredited organization: The Yoga Alliance, is who you have to answer to in order to become “official.” Your goals and aspirations may differ but the process is generally the same. Depending on where you want to teach, you will have different requirements. Many yoga schools require at least 200 hours of training under a professional. In more prestigious programs and schools, at least 500 hours of training is required before you can teach.

2. The Yoga Alliance website outlines everything you need to learn about where to get accreditation, but a good place to find out where you can go to learn the tricks of the trade is your own yoga instructor. Typically, the yoga school you attend will offer official training programs if you inquire. If you take them up on their training program they will more than likely ask you to work under them for the duration of the coursework. This is probably the best route to take when pursuing your degree. Instead of finding a separate school to learn in, you can train right where you feel comfortable.

3. “Completion” of the program differs from school to school so see which school fits your schedule and lifestyle before you sign on for the training. The minimum training hours are fairly standard across the board, so that part of the training won’t change. But as far as the moves and techniques you will need to master are concerned, it’s best to talk to your prospective schools beforehand.

Yoga Instructor 5 How To Become a Yoga Instructor

4. Once certified you will be eligible to teach your own yoga classes. These include classes by yourself, and in most cases, under the supervision of a senior instructor. Once you’ve taught for long enough, you may be able to open your own yoga studio, but until then, like all other art forms of the mind and body, practice makes perfect and you will perpetually learn.

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