How to Become an Affiliate

by Shenron on February 12, 2010

The internet is a very large beast to try and tame and if you’re like the millions of other users out there, you’re probably wondering if there is a way to make some extra cash from the time you spend online. Well, luckily for you there is. Through a process called affiliate marketing, you can start a website and make money by guiding related traffic to your site and pulling money in from the adverts that will be displayed on your website. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing works by picking a very specific topic, referred to as a niche, and then finding other websites that relate to that topic as well. These affiliate sites all link back and forth to one another to generate as much traffic between them as possible. In turn, once visitors visit your website, you can make ad revenue any time they click on one of the ads posted on your site. So, through affiliate marketing, it’s possible to increase your website’s traffic tenfold as well as your profits.

Become Affiliate How to Become an Affiliate

1.The first step is to develop a website that fits a certain niche. Because there are obviously tens of thousands of websites already dedicated to your specific topic, it’s important to try and diversify a little. Say you want to start a website about cars. You’ll want to not only include lots of information about cars on your site but also information about car dealerships, places to buy cars online, and various other niche specific content that’s related to your overall topic. Finding the balance between being broad and not broad enough is a challenge but with some practice, you’ll get it down.

2.With your website together and content on the site, it’s time to start researching how to link back to your site from other sites. The most common approach is to add your website to your email signature or your blog signature so that whenever you post, your website is automatically attached to the end of your text. This way, whenever people see you posting, they’ll also see that you have a website and through sheer curiosity, will check it out.

Affiliate How to Become an Affiliate

3.If sending a lot of emails and posting religiously to no name blogs doesn’t seem like the best way to get affiliate marketing and traffic to your site, you’re right. There are many affiliate programs on the web too. Do a little researching with your favorite web browser and see which affiliate programs suit the type of marketing you’re trying to go for. Affiliate marketing sites are capable of matching sites with related content together and through a little internet magic, pair them up so that they appear on each other’s sites. You can of course scour the web yourself and email every web admin that seems like a potential partner and ask them if they’d be interested in trading links, or you can let an affiliate marketing company handle all of the work for you. But, be wary. Some affiliate sites can be scams and it’s important that you do your research beforehand.

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