How to Become a Director

by Shenron on October 1, 2009

Do you have the goal of rising to the top in mind? Making it to the top spot of your current place of employment or future company of interest isn’t as easy as walking in with a resume for that position. Most of the people at the top either earn their way to the top or come into a company with enough previous experience to qualify them for the position. We’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can rise to the top or garnish enough experience to ultimately make it to the top spot of executive director.

1. Degree: Obviously depending on the type of job you’re trying to pursue you may have to go for a different degree but a solid undergraduate degree or completion of a graduate program is a great way to start off on the ladder. In most cases, a good business degree or something in economics will help as a “general” degree in the business world but something more specialized depending on the genre of the company may be worth your time.

Director How to Become a Director

2. Internship: Whether or not you have a degree and are looking to gain experience, an internship is a great way. Internships allow you to work at a company essentially as a volunteer. Your commitment to the company will be showcased depending on how much effort and time you put into the internship. In most cases, internships can turn into real jobs when they run out. At this point in time you may be hired on as a full-time employee in the field that the internship was for. If you don’t get hired, don’t fret. Any type of work experience is great resume material

3. Time: If you’ve already made it into a company your best bet for advancing through the ranks is time. The longer you spend with a company, the more likely you are to be next in line for a promotion. This is because the more time you spend doing something and showing off your skill level, the more commitment you have for a company. Commitment and dedication are two invaluable traits when you make it to the top.

4. Resume Points: While it may be informal to call them “brownie points,” for the sake of this argument, we will. As your prior experience builds up, so do the number of things on your resume. Now, it’s not a good idea to switch jobs often so that you have more previous places of employment on your resume, but a steady stream of worthy jobs is a plus. As a company reviews your resume, if you have a lot of experience doing various tasks at other companies, you gain “points” in their mind and these go a long way.

Company Director How to Become a Director

Very rarely can you come fresh out of school and go straight to the top spot. But if you have a hell of an education and previous experience, new ideas, and dedication to back it up, you may very well get the position of CEO right away. Or, you can work your way up the corporate ladder through time and leadership. There are many ways to the top but once you get there, there’s only room for one.

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