How to Become an Optometrist

by Shenron on November 27, 2009

Like any other medical profession, optometry is equally as useful as all of theothers and is crucial to good overall health. An optometrist is a trained eye doctor with a degree in optometry that enables them to study and understand eyesight better than your average physician. They’re able to write prescriptions for corrective lenses, glasses, or even authorize corrective eyesight surgery in the most drastic of cases. The job pays extremely well, as it’s a specialized medical field, but the training to get there is tough, just like anything in the medical field.

Optometrist How to Become an Optometrist

1. Assuming you already have a background laden with math and science courses, you will want to enroll in a university that has a pre-medical and/or pre-optometry curriculum. Follow the curriculum to a tee and after approximately three years (this amount of time varies from school to school), you’ll want to start applying to optometry school. Getting admission into optometry school is based on your scores on an optometry admissions test. Each school varies their tests so doing research ahead of time on the school you’re thinking of applying to is key.

2. Once you’ve been admitted into a nationally accredited optometry school, you will have to complete their four year course load. After the four years is complete, it all comes down to a moment of truth in which you have to take a written and clinical exam. Like other medical degrees, and similar to the bar exam for becoming a lawyer, the final exams for optometry are very difficult. Expect to sacrifice your social life for a couple of weeks or months while you study to pass.

3. If all goes according to plan and you study your heart out, you’ll pass the four year program with a degree in optometry. To “put the icing on the cake,” your final step is to apply to your state’s board of optometry for a license. Receiving a license will allow you to practice as an optometrist in other optometry firms in your state. If you are looking to specialize in one area of the eye or start your own practice, you may want to consider spending some time working for someone else before venturing out on your own.

Optometrist 5 How to Become an Optometrist

Unfortunately it isn’t all fun and games once you complete your licensing process. In order to keep your license valid, you have to renew it every few years. The renewal time varies from state to state. In addition to applying for a renewal, you also have to keep your education current, which means that you will have to continually take courses and keep up with modern techniques. Luckily, it’s easier to keep up with techniques than it is to learn everything all over again. Best of luck with your optometry career and we hope to one day see you taking care of our eyes!

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I really like the article. I was wondering if you could send me more info in optometry. It would really help once i start college. Thank You. :)


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