How to Build Reputation as a Professional Writer

by Shenron on October 24, 2009

There are many varied types of writers out there, particularly on the internet. You may be a fiction writer, a copywriter, freelance writer, a journalist, or any other wielder of the written word. Regardless of your choice of genre, there is one thing that you need to focus on to make your work looked upon with respect and to boost your sales, and that is building a good solid reputation. Before we go into a few of the more effective manners in which to achieve this end, you need to be aware that it is not an overnight process. You will not leave the gate as a professional writer, regardless of your education or general knowledge regarding your genre.

Professional Writer How to Build Reputation as a Professional Writer

Starting out, build your reputation through your work. For example, if you are an article writer, and you have been assigned an article that you aren’t completely familiar with but know enough to write it without doing any research, do the research anyway. Find aspects that you did not know, as these will likely be the points the editor will be looking for. They won’t be appealing to common knowledge, but will be seeking the information that the average individual, like you, will not know. Always take a little more time when producing your work to add a bit more punch and power to it. This will show the client that you will go the extra mile to produce good quality content.

Moving on, we have the concept of self-image. Believe in yourself. When you have a one on one interview, look the part of the professional writer. The same holds true for speaking on the phone or on the internet with potential clients/customers. If you don’t’ think of yourself as a professional, then no one else will either. A good example of this concept is dressing the part in one on one interviews and meetings. If you show up to a meeting with a big corporate CEO for an interview and you are dressed in ragged old blue jeans and a t-shirt with your hair sticking up because you forgot to brush it, then you absolutely do not stand a chance at getting the job. Dress like a professional. A good tip here is to consider how the person you are meeting with would dress. If you are meeting with a CEO, dress how you think the CEO would dress. Spend at least a couple of hours getting ready for any meeting, online or off.

Lastly, build a good supply of solid contacts. If you have a contact book of professional contacts in your particular industry of writing, then you will have a good shot at being considered a professional. There are many ways in which to go about this, but early on the best route is that of social networking. Social networking encompasses the many social sites on the web, such as Facebook, Myspace, or Digg. These sites make it possible for anyone to make contacts in a less-than professional manner. You see, when you make a contact on Facebook, you can treat this person as a new friend. Once you have broken down the wall of the actual first connection, you can work your way, carefully, into letting them know that you are a professional writer. Once you build up a large quantity of professional contacts through this outlet, you will find that your name will be spread amongst them, bringing you jobs, and eventually leading to your name being thrown around to contacts that you don’t know yet.

Professional Writer 6 How to Build Reputation as a Professional Writer

Being a professional is largely based upon self-esteem. You have to believe in yourself. When you start out in your personal literary industry, take a good look at yourself. What are your positive traits as a writer? Did you go to college? Have you been published before? How respected are you in the community? Always try to look at yourself as a professional before you expect someone else to.

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