How to Market Your Writing Business

by Shenron on October 8, 2009

There is much more to being a successful freelance writer than simply writing. You have to have someone that wants you to write before you can even begin to make a living in this particular career. You have to get the word out there that you are writing, and that you are a successful professional writer. Without a good reputation, you are simply shooting in the dark. You might find a few basic jobs here and there, but you will never truly get a good reputation without being able to market yourself. Fortunately, the process of self-marketing is a fairly simple one as long as you have a few insights into what to do.

Writing Business How to Market Your Writing Business

Initially, you are going to need samples. You will have to have a few articles that you have written in the past. If these articles have been published, then this will only improve your chances of getting future jobs. With that in mind, sometimes we, as writers, have to bite the bullet, particularly in the beginning of our careers, and write a few free articles for various online publications. Even if you aren’t getting paid for an article, it has still been published and will improve your resume’ and provide you with a few references.

Once you have a few articles published, begin your marketing with a website. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or even anything that you have to pay for. There are many sites out there that provide free websites. When searching for these, look for ones that do not have ads on the page. The ads will only distract potential clients. Yola.Com is one of these, as is WordPress.Org. Once you have acquired your site, put your resume’ on it with links to your publications, your educational background, your goal for the future as a writer, and any other literary related aspect of your life, such as awards. Be sure and put a way in which the client can contact you. This is only the beginning stage of your marketing, so don’t think for a minute that you are finished.

Next, get accounts with various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Myspace, and Orkut. These sites will allow you make connections with other writers, readers, and prospective clients. Check these accounts once per day, being careful not to waste too much of your writing time there. When you have a new article published, post a link on these sites. Be sure and add as many friends as you can to them, as well as joining as many groups within these social sites. The more friends you add, the more your writing will be noticed and your reputation will grow.

Moving on, we have the prospect of building a local reputation. Regardless of whether you life in a massive city or a small town, building a reputation within your community is an excellent form of self-marketing. Find your local paper with the largest distribution area and start sending an occasional well-written letter to the editor in regards to local events. Most papers have sections for these letters and most are guaranteed to be published. Also, run a small ad in the local classifieds entitled, “Professional Freelance Writer for Hire.” You might get only a few jobs off of this, but every penny helps and each job is a spot on your resume’.

Writing Business 5 How to Market Your Writing Business

Finally, we have the aspect of time investment. As a writer, time can be an extremely valuable concept. Time is money for a freelancer. You need to set aside a particular amount of time every single working day for marketing yourself. As a beginner, I strongly suggest that you invest a minimum of two to three hours every day in this. As the jobs begin to pick up, ease off a bit. However, do not ever stop marketing yourself. You will never reach a point in your career where marketing will not benefit you. Once you reach your goal in the amount of work coming in on a daily basis, continue to invest about an hour per day in getting the word out on your work.

In ending, let me just say that you are as much of a writer as you see yourself as. If you believe in yourself enough to put the word out there on the internet, as well as locally, then you will eventually find yourself with plenty of work at your fingertips.

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