How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

by Shenron on October 11, 2009

Finding a job can be difficult depending on what your skills are but in today’s internet world it can be easier than you think. Have you ever thought of using a social media website to promote yourself into a new career? You can do just that by using LinkedIn.

This website is just like most social media websites such as Facebook and Myspace but the sole purpose is for professionals to interact with the same people that are in the business or field that they are in or trying to join. They always say that “it’s not what you know”, “it’s who you know”, and for the most part that is absolutely true. LinkedIn will provide you with the, “who you know” part, so it would be a wise decision to join and start interacting with future business contacts.

LinkedIn How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

If you are job hunting, when you are creating your profile you need to give it the time and attention it deserves and just not post general information about you. The profile needs to be perfect because this is what employers will see first and base their opinion of you on it. This is where you make your first impression and it could be your last depending on what time is spent.

If there are any options at all when filling in your profile you should fill them in. Including a professional photo will definitely help also. You don’t want to include that picture of you partying. Once again, take as much time as it deserves to completely fill out your profile.

After your profile complete it is now time to start networking to find that job you are after. This can be accomplished by using LinkedIn advance search. All you need to do is go to that page and search for the company that you would like to be hired by and search for recruiters. Once you find the recruiters just send them a simple message saying that you are interested in joining or discussing a job opportunity within that company and you would like to receive a call to discuss it further.

LinkedIn 5 How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

Now most likely you will get a response so you better be ready to receive that phone call. Have all your answers to common questions ready to go so you don’t sound like you have no idea what you are doing. Since this company won’t hire you on the phone you should already prepare a resume and know what time is good to go in for an interview. For instance, if they ask you when you can come into the office to fill out an application you should already know that answer. You don’t want to be stumbling around trying to figure it out.

To look even better to companies it is a great idea to already have a network setup with other people in that field before you contact them. All you need to do is send off about 10 requests to people that are in that field then it will look a ton better for that company reviewing your profile versus someone with no contacts.

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