How to Write a Sellable Article

by Shenron on October 21, 2009

Regardless if you want to secure a job as a freelance article writer or on a salary for a particular publication or website, there are a few select points that you need to know starting out. If you are a veteran writer, then you may actually already be aware of some of these tips, but there is always room for improvement, so please read on.

Write Sellable Article How to Write a Sellable Article

Initially, we have the basics. Every editor/publisher/client that is looking to hire a writer expects a certain level of writing. If your grammar isn’t up to par, then perhaps being a writer is not for you. Granted, not every writer has to have a college degree in English, but if you do not, at least make sure that your grammatical skills are as good as they need to be to impress the client and please the readers. The better your writing, the more money you can expect to make.

Next, we have the aspect of knowing what style to write in. Of course, there are thousands of styles, each one with its’ own particular attraction, but even if your client doesn’t realize it, he or she expects a certain style from you. Ask them if you are writing for professionals, a certain genre of individuals, the average person, etc. You’ll want to know who your readers are before you write for them. Does the reader like a laid back comfortable and personal style of article or does he/she want something that reads like a newspaper? Style matters!

Moving on, you will need to understand the concept of power words. No one wants to read an article that is droll and boring, that reads like an instruction manual. The secret to avoiding this is power words. For example, let us say that you are writing a travel article has a sentence that says, “West Palm Beach Florida has plenty of hotels to choose from.” Of course, there is nothing wrong with this sentence. It is grammatically correct in every way. However, there is nothing all that attractive about it. It doesn’t really sell the reader on the concept of visiting West Palm Beach. However, if you add a few words and replace a word or two, you can make it very appealing. Try it like this, “Scenic West Palm Beach in central Florida has an abundance of lavish, yet affordable, accommodations to choose from.” You see, with this sentence you actually develop a mental picture of the luxurious beaches, palm trees, and quality hotels. It is all in the wording.

Write a Sellable Article How to Write a Sellable Article

Lastly, though you likely hear this a lot, there is the issue of researching your content. We are writers. That is what we do. As writers, we are expected to know everything about the content that we put on paper. Nevertheless, starting out, we don’t. Let’s say that a client wants you to write about the automotive industry. Of course, during your writing or English class, there was no mention of the automotive world. So, you are going into this project blind. You can try to fake your way through it, but trust me, the client will know. It is the industry that he knows about. You have got to do the research if you want to succeed as a writer. Get into the habit of placing a schedule on your writing. For your project, allow yourself two to four hours of time, start to finish, for a 500 word article. Spend half to three quarters of that time digging up the facts. This has two great end results. Initially, you have a good article to hand over to the client. Also, you are now armed with knowledge that you did not possess before. Later on down the road, you will eventually be able to use this knowledge for another client or another article.

If you want your article to sell, as well as to be hired for future projects, make it a point to be detailed on all these subjects, and, lastly, make sure that you know precisely what the client expects from you.

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