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by Shenron on October 8, 2009

Kristi Daeda is a person I recently met at a social forum. She is a citizen of The United States and she, of course is a blogger, albeit a passionate one. She is one of those few who blogs not for money, but for a purpose; sharingknowledge.  So, why am I writing about her? Kristi has written a book titled “51 ordinary and extraordinary places to find a job”. Oh I forgot, Kristi runs a career related blog at Kristi Daeda. I downloaded it last night, and honestly it was a no fluff book. She doesn’t waste time with theories, but gets directly to the subject. Here are a couple excerpts so you are tempted to download it.

Find Job Recommended   51 Places to Find a Job

The Ordinary

Job fairs are advertised in the newspaper or online, often through the major job boards. Some professional organizations have taken to sponsoring industry- or function-specific “fairs” as well. Moderate your expectations, though – often the employers at the fair don’t actually have jobs available or they’re not suitable for your career goals. Be sure to make the most of the face time with employers and other attendees to get value out of the experience.

The Out of The Way

VisualCV is a slick, user-friendly way to create a content-rich, media-packed version of your resume for potential employers. Add that fantastic sales presentation you did last year or a portfolio of your graphic design work. VisualCV is totally free, and also has a job board available.

Find Job 5 Recommended   51 Places to Find a Job

The Extraordinary

Do not fall for the trap of thinking that every company that has a layoff is not hiring. Even organizations that claim they’re under a hiring freeze often find some roles and skill sets are must-haves. If you want to work for an organization that’s had a layoff, treat them like every other organization on your list. Someday the winds will change, and you may be first in line.

So, go ahead and download the book at Kristi Daeda


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