Should I Get Into SEO? Does It Have A Future?

by Shenron on October 26, 2009

With the boom of the internet there were millions of jobs that became available that did not previously exist. One of the most prestigious jobs dealing with the internet is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist. This job involves the process of making a website rank higher in the results on a search engine. The reason why it is so prestigious is because learning proper SEO techniques and putting them to practice takes a great deal of skill.

Getting into this field is also very unique because most employers will hire you without a degree because most colleges do not offer this type of training yet. You can still find some schools that will give you the training you need but there is no better training than on the job experience. If you can show your employer what you have accomplished in SEO then that speaks louder than any degree because you have produced results. The best way to learn the field is by joining webmaster related forums and reading and asking questions. After that you need to practice by applying what you have learned.

Into SEO Should I Get Into SEO? Does It Have A Future?

What you will need to learn.

On Page Optimization – This deals with properly setting up a website so that search engines can easily access all the information on your website. It also includes using the proper HTML tags in accordance to what search engines like to see.

Link Building – One of the major factors in SEO has to deal with how many, and the quality of websites has a link to your website. This is just has to deal with popularity. If you think about it, the more websites are telling their visitors to go to your website to learn more about the subject then search engines will tend to think your website is great. Remember the purpose of search engines is to get their visitors to the website that will contain the information that they are looking for.

The salary for this job is nothing to laugh at either. This will range greatly depending on your skill level but it is not uncommon to see a full time job over $100,000. In order to land a job like that you must be very talented in this field and already have proven results. Employers are less likely to hire you will a large starting salary because you say that you can do it.

SEO 5 Should I Get Into SEO? Does It Have A Future?

Freelance SEO is also another route you can take if you wanted to work for yourself. Companies don’t really understand SEO enough to have a full time position so they tend to look for outside help. Normally they will seek SEO Companies and do a contract job but if they would like to save money then they can look directly for someone who is offering this as a freelance service.

There are many of internet related jobs that will never die out and SEO is one of them. The SEO field is still in its youth and has yet begun to be a normal position at any company. With that being said there are tons of more positions that will be created in the years to come. Getting into this field now will guarantee job security until you retire. As long as there are search engines like Google, there will always be a need for companies to try to manipulate the search engines in order for them to get more customers.

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