Starting Your Own Business: Advertising

by Shenron on November 15, 2009

Everyone knows that you’re not going to get anyone through the doors of your store without proper advertising. By now you should have the right employees for your workplace, and are making enough money to keep yourself afloat each month. If you’ve made it this far without quitting, give yourself a pat on the back and a congratulatory handshake for a job well done. Starting a business isn’t easy and getting one that’s sustainable is even more difficult. The next step in turning your small business into an empire (OK, maybe not an empire) is to start advertising. There are a few ways you can go about it, all of which may cost you money. But, if you feel as though you’re not getting enough draw from just word of mouth, letting people know who you are and what you’re all about is the best way to get exposure. Word of mouth can only travel so far.

Advertising Starting Your Own Business: Advertising

1. TV: Obviously, the number one way to get people in to your store to see what you’re all about is by putting yourself on TV. You can either have a commercial professionally done, which may set you back a few thousand dollars, or you can ask some of your local high schools for help. I’m sure they have students eager to work on video projects. Whatever route you take, try and get your advertising on local stations as opposed to big name networks. Many local news stations have a very devout following and advertising in between news segments won’t cost nearly as much as you might think.

2. Newspapers: Newspaper advertising could go one of two ways. If you put an honest ad in the local paper, maybe somewhere near the classifieds, you may stand a chance to get more business out of it. But if you go for over the top advertising, even to the point where it looks as though it’s an actual news article, you’re bound to be skipped over. People want to be reassured that buying from you is safe and honest. A big ad with lots of exclamation points and bold text screams dishonesty and “big corporation.” Keep it simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Advertising 5 Starting Your Own Business: Advertising

3. Viral advertising: The last thing to try is really in experimental territory. You may have heard the term viral advertising before, and if you have, it was probably talking about some type of video or stunt that went “viral.” Because you know about viral advertising, it has done its job. Viral advertising is essentially creating some type of video or advertising campaign that is so outrageous and out of the norm, that people will remember it. Everyone has seen commercials before, but has everyone seen someone fight a bear? The more ridiculous you can be with your publicity stunts, the better. Like a virus that spreads, word of the publicity stunt will be sure to spread, as well as video footage online. Use word of mouth in this regard to help spread the video and your product both online and in the community.

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