Starting Your Own Business: Hiring Employees

by Shenron on November 11, 2009

If you managed to get your business off the ground successfully after following the other parts of this guide, then you should be doing pretty well for yourself. Today we’re going to look at hiring employees for your business so you don’t have to be there from opening to closing every single day. You have the option to hire employees on the front end to completely remove yourself from the front-end operation from the get-go or you can hire employees after you’ve been open for a few weeks or months and know that the business can be successful even if you’re not there. Don’t remove your presence if you’re not sure if the business can sustain itself. Presuming though that you’ve decided you need some extra help, we’re going to look at how to find suitable employees for your business. Keep in mind throughout all of this though that depending on your business type, some of these options may not apply.

Hiring Employees Starting Your Own Business: Hiring Employees

1. The most obvious suggestion to try first is to put a ‘Now Hiring’ sign outside of your retail store. Considering the way the economy is, advertising that you’re hiring to a large number of people, many of whom may be unemployed, is a great way to start. If you own a small retail store or a restaurant, finding extra help with signs is very easy. If you’re like some employers, you want your potential employees to “inquire within” so you can get a feel for them before you hand them an application. But, if you’re just looking for someone quickly, putting a phone number to call right under the “Now Hiring” sign, will entice more people to call so they don’t have to spend time going in and talking to you.

2. College help or student help is a viable option if you’re in the right part of town. If you’ve started your business within a few miles of a college campus, chances are there are many college aged students in the general area of your facility. Not to knock college students, but they’re desperate for money. When jobs are scarce, college students are generally the first people to jump on board for below average jobs. Hiring students is also a great way to find help over the holidays. Many students do migrate back home to see their families, but others stay to capitalize on the holiday job market. Many stores (like yours) need help when help isn’t available.

Hiring Employees 5 Starting Your Own Business: Hiring Employees

3. If you don’t manage to find extra help through college students or with a “Now Hiring” sign, you may want to try your look online. Resume sites are a good way to peruse many resumes at once and see which one would fit the bill for the job you’re looking to fill. In addition to resume sites, government work agencies can help you out. If you contact the agency with the position you’re trying to fill, they can see what they can do in terms of finding someone currently unemployed and sending them your way. Of course, at the end of the day it’s ultimately your decision who you hire and who you don’t, but having many options available to you is a good way to start.

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lowongan kerja November 29, 2009 at 8:59 am

You did mention good points there how to starting our own business. Doing business can be difficult than just working as employee. But for sure you’ll get your own satisfaction after all.


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