Starting Your Own Business: Prepare The Inaugural

by Shenron on November 7, 2009

By this stage in our ongoing segment about how to start your own business, you should be prepared to open your doors to the public. Of course, you can’t just let the doors fly open and expect success. You have to prepare your rented space to be as perfect as possible, not only to have a good first impression, but to make sure that your customers’ first impressions last and they keep coming back. This means that after you find a place to rent, you redesign the interior to match the style and feeling that you’re going for with your products. This may also mean repainting the walls (only with your landlord’s approval) or changing the light fixtures.

business Starting Your Own Business: Prepare The Inaugural

Changing the building walls and roof are only the first step in a lengthy process. But luckily, once the “hard labor” is done to remodel the place, the finishing touches include what I like to call “frills.” The frills to a business are the furniture and the presentation of the goods on the display cabinets. A good place to start with getting your store ready for the day customers walk in is to get some new furniture. Depending on the products you’re trying to sell, the quality of the furniture you have may or may not matter. But, as it seems to be a recent trend, stores like IKEA and companies that sell similar furniture, are very popular at the moment. Considering the furniture sold at these stores is cheap, you can more than likely pick out a whole store’s worth of shelving and cabinet space for just under a few thousand dollars. I’m sure the “new age” trend will die off in a few years but for the time being, the sleek corners and minimalistic approach to furniture is staying strong. The sleek corner of a new IKEA cabinet or similar shelf attracts a younger generation into your stores, and if your products are good, it will keep you memorable.

business 5 Starting Your Own Business: Prepare The Inaugural

When you get all of the furniture in place, it’s time to put your products out on display. There are a few different psychological tricks and secrets that can help you get more sold each month. Products placed at eye level to the consumer, like food snacks in your local grocery store, are put there for a reason. Customers are more inclined to purchase things that they can see at eye level than if they have to hunt for it. Also, products that are considered “in” at the moment, such as the newest jeans or shoes, are usually placed along the main aisles of a store so customers see them as they browse for other things. Also, because they’re in high traffic areas, people assume that everyone else is going to see them as well, creating a, “I better get it now before it’s gone” mentality. Selling things is a psychological game and if you don’t play it, you may not be making as much as you could.

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