5 Social Media Sites for Entrepreneurs

by Shenron on October 12, 2009

Starting an online business can be extremely difficult if you wish to tackle this on your own then it is going require an extreme amount of luck to be successful. In today’s online world it takes entrepreneurs to have a good network of people that are willing to help. In every website startup that becomes successful there is usually more than one person that is behind it. In order to start networking and to find connections that will help your business grow you need to know are a lot. Below are the top five social media websites that every entrepreneur needs to have a membership to.

    1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media website that is designed to build a network of contacts that are within your same field. The different specialties on this website range anywhere from cooking to affiliate marketing. It really doesn’t matter what your specialty is, you will be able to find a large amount of people that shares your same interests.

Social Media Sites 5 Social Media Sites for Entrepreneurs

    2. Entrepreneur Connect

Entrepreneur Connect is a website specifically for entrepreneurs. The site lets you get advice from others or also you can provide advice if you are skilled. They have different groups that you can join if you are interested in a specific niche or you can just use this website to find possible partners in your future business.

    3. PartnerUp

This website is great if you’re looking for a partner to start your small business. It currently has over 150,000 members that you can search through to find the right partner. One of the best features of the site is the forums where you can go get your questions answered by professionals. If you are solely looking for a partner then this is the first place to start.

    4. E-Factor

E-Factor is similar to all the other websites and has the same functionality but the special purpose of this social media website is finding investors for your business. This is the place where major investors hang out looking for the next best opportunity to fund a profitable business. If you’re small business requires an investor then you definitely need to check out this place.

Social Media Sites 5 Social Media Sites for Entrepreneurs

    5. Startup Nation

Startup Nation is basically a hub of information on everything you need to know for entrepreneurship. The site is packed full of helpful articles that will answer just about any question that you may have. If you can’t find your answer in their articles then you could just use their forums and get your question answered normally within a day due to its high activity.

All of these websites are great tools for you to use when starting your business. You can either use one or all of them if you need to. Before you start your business I would highly recommend that you learn as much as possible to avoid failure. The only way to do that is by talking to other people and learning from their mistakes.

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