Useful Tips for Finding your First Job

by Everyday on June 7, 2011

So you’ve graduated with straightAs and you’re ready to rock the working world. There’s only one problem – employers don’t seem to be beating a path to your front door. The following tips will help you maximize your job search efforts and find that ideal first job.

Be gregarious. Make everyone you talk to aware of your job search, from your hairdresser to casual acquaintances. You never know who might have the perfect job lead.

Findi First Job Useful Tips for Finding your First Job

Don’t spend too much time on your resume. If you’ve spent more than a day re-formatting and tweaking, that’s too much. Employers don’t spend a lot of time analyzing entry-level resumes.

Use social networking. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter aren’t just for fun. Post frequent updates about your job search and make connections with people working in your field.

Don’t lean too much on online job sites like So many people are lookingforworkthat online jobbanks are no longer your best bet. Take no more than half a day to post your resume and sign up for automated job searches.

Pound the pavement. Many entry-level jobs aren’t advertised online or in the newspapers.Don’t be afraid to walk into a company and ask if they’re hiring. They’ll love your initiative.

If you follow these tips, you’ll spend less time waiting for the phone to ring and more time preparing for interviews. Good luck finding your first job!

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