What you should NOT wear at a Job Interview

by Everyday on June 7, 2011

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but potential employers are notorious for judging job applicants by their outfits. Unfair? Maybe – but if you really want the job, you’ll make a token bow to conservatism and avoid raising eyebrows. Here are the top outfits that employers say turn them off from scheduling a second interview.

Sexy. Too short and too low-cut are both no-no’s (whether you’re a man or a woman). “I feel uncomfortable when panties, chest hair or cleavage are in clear sight,” says Angelo, owner of a small consulting business near Los Angeles. With only 8 people in our office, an employee who wears revealing clothing is just going to cause tension. So, no call-back, sorry!”.

Job Interview1 What you should NOT wear at a Job Interview

Dirty. You don’t need to rush out and buy a new interview outfit every time your resume makes it to the top of the pile, but don’t go to the other extreme either. Pratibha, head of the oncology department at a private care center in Delhi, recalls one hopeful who appeared in dusty shoes and a wrinkled jacket. “It was very clear that he was not serious – even in the interview his attitude was quite casual, so along with the dirtiness I didn’t have a good feeling about him.”

Flashy. Black may be a little too safe for some job interviews, but it’s rare that hot pink pushes the right buttons. “I also find it distracting when someone shows up in a really weird outfit, like once we had a girl who wore tailored overalls with an orange bolero jacket,” Brooklyn-based software engineer Renata says.“It’s not exactly a deal-breaker, but it kind of makes you wonder.”

Dangerous. High heels are no longer a must for women in business attire, so don’t feel compelled towear them. But if you do wear heels to an interview, avoid sporting a brand-new pair or going higher than you’re comfortable with. Gareth, Surrey bookshop owner, remembers one interviewee nearly falling down the stairs. “She caught the handrail just in time,” he chuckles. “6-inch heels aren’t the best choice for a bookshop with lots of stepladders and winding stairs.

Smelly. Underarm odor and bad breath are obvious turn-offs, but you may not be aware that your perfume of choice can be just as offensive. “Whether it’s cologne, body spray, hair product, I don’t wantto know about it,”says Alex owner of a popular fast food franchise in Anchorage. Even if you can’t smell yourself, others will be able to, so don’t let a nervous shake of the spray can hinder your chances at that dream job.

As long asyou avoid any of the above outfits, you should make a good first impression in your next job interview. And once you’ve landed the job, you can wear whatever you want when you head out to celebrate with your friends.

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